March 29, 2020

NANNM presentation of COVID 19 prevention items to nurses

Date 27th March , 2020

At Nurses House Kano

Great Professional Colleagues, It is time to come together and serve humanity. Nurses are known for nobility, resilience and sacrifices. We must come out to do what we are known for and face the challenging period of COVID -19 global outbreak.

Nightingale’s Nursing theory described that, “there is a strong relationship of a man with his environment, health and Nurse...” Therefore, the nurse should demonstrate that relationship to the person by using one of the core values of Nursing which is Caring.

Caring entails promotion of health and providing services to prevent occurrence of a disease in a person.  Now, part of the preventive measures involves the safety of oneself (the nurse) that safety will translate into the safety of all people whether ill or healthy.

It's in view of that, I called on nurses to be safe because If the healthcare provider is ill then who will take care of the sick. Incidentally, all of us will fall sick.

In that spirit, I find strength in my heart to help the nurses to remain safe by donating soap/sanitizers to them.

F. Nightingale is the pioneer of hand washing, she wrote in her book Nurses Notes (1860), “every nurses ought to be careful to wash her hands frequently during the day"
And in the situation of COVID19 outbreak, the greatest avenue of environmental safety is hand washing. If we remain safe, the health system will be strong and the nation will remain healthy.

It’s not time for shifting blames and unnecessary bickering "safety first". So donating these items must surely be viewed as part of motivation, be interpreted by nurses and government as key role role to encourage the nurses to also try and protect themselves by their own effort while the authority must understand that its primary responsibility to provide the desired protective and preventive equipments to all healthcare workers.

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Finally, in our core plan of activities in addition to calling on donor agencies, philanthropists and businessmen to complement government’s efforts towards curbing this menace in whatever capacity they could,  everyone also need to note the nature of the spread of this disease and disregard the fatality numbers with a view that one can’t guarantee his own safety and could be counted among the few fatal cases.

The Association is ready to partner with Govt and NGOs as well as any organ or body to achieve success in the control of this global emergency.

And also to conduct trainings, suffice to say sensitization of all cadre of Nurses including retired Nurses, SEC members and interns for prompt action in preparation/readiness for the unexpected in this outbreak of COVID-19

So help us God and protect all the citizens of kano state and Nigeria!!

Com Ibrahim Maikarfi Muhd
NANNM Kano state
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