January 18, 2020

The Power Plan for Career Success: Recognizing and Taking Moves to Secure Your Career.

In this webinar you will Learn how to communicate your purpose, highlight strengths, and make a strong first impression with employers during employment fairs and networking events.

```A 2 Day Career Development Webinar```

THEME: The Power Plan for Career SuccessRecognizing and Taking Moves to Secure Your Career


The Convener emphasized on the importance of attending this webinar by sharing his experience

It took me a few years of searching to realize that my strengths included being persistent, detail oriented, tenacious, passionate reader, trustworthy, noting new topics, a good communicator, who could effectively meet and connect with new people across and help them. When I learned that combination of these skills makes a good writer and speaker, I pursued a writing-related path and started organizing webinars such as this particular webinar

In this webinar some vital strategies which will help you maximize your career success will be shared so please don't miss it for any reason.

PRESENTATION OUTLINE  Keynote Speaker - Dr. Wisdom Esegbue

1. How do I discover what interests me?

2. What is my skill? Recognizing what you’re good at is key to finding the right career fit

3. Is networking important in career development? If its important how do I connect with people?

4. Is personal branding important in securing my career? If yes! What considerations and tips should I follow?

5. How can I turn social media to my advantage when seeking for employment? How do I market my skill in social media to suite my job search?

The Convener Isikadi Precious also made it known that the Keynote speaker will be discussing topics which has been an issue in the area of career development.

PRESENTATION OUTLINE Co-keynote Speaker - Gloria Okonye UKamaka

1. Jobs and career of the future – What jobs and career will exist in 5, 10, 20 years that people neglect now?

2. How you can turn a hobby into a career? – Students and non-students may wish to pursue a hobby such as photography or Writing as a careers. What considerations might they need to have when doing this?

3. What’s the difference between a job and a career? A discussion about career paths. Not
just about being employed or pursuing a particular career but also it's progression.

4. Is a job just to pay the bills and a career something you’re interested in? Or Is it really all about cash? What makes a job desirable? And a career worthy?

5. Is skill important in getting a job? Is skill important in career development? What skills & qualities do employers want when they employ a person straight out of school/college/university?

Important Updates: 
Venue: Closed whatsapp group

Registration: Free 🤩

Inquiries: Contact 09032140743, 08025694643

Date: 24-25th January 2020

Time: 7pm

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