January 24, 2020


The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (nannm) Kano State chapter and the organ body of the nannm, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Branch, paid a visit to the peri-op nurse who was infected while performing his duty as part of the team that conducted an operation on a Lassa infected patient few weeks back at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital.

The peri-op nurse whose name is Nurse Auwal Halilu, is presently in the isolation centre in Yar Gaya, Kano state.

During the visit to the isolation centre on the 20th of January 2020 (Wednesday), the NANNM CHAIRMAN, Nurse Ibrahim Maikarfi Muhammad, urged Nurses to be on the alert and not panic over the break out. The Chairman is a participant and also a stakeholder on EPR on Lassa fever National outbreak in Kano State and also a member of the Isolation Centre, Kano State. 

He made the following comments during the visitation to the isolation centre after he has received the details of the situation report: 

✔ The two samples sent to cdc for Lassa fever screening were confirmed positive

✔ The two surviving primary contacts (Nurse Auwal and Dr. Usman) are in isolation and receiving optimum care and their health status is increasingly improving.

✔ Mapping is being carried out and field teams (NFELTP graduates and consultants) are engaged and inaugurated to:

✔ Mobilize for the conduct of contacts tracing of the identified persons who had contact with the clients. 

✔ Sensitisation of healthcare workers and mobilization processes for the general public. 

✔ Ribavirin both parenteral and oral are supplied and available at treatment and prevention centers in both Yar Gaya and akth Kano State. 

✔ Intensify the processs of procuring more ppe materials by government for safety of our health workers.

For the nurses attention

✔ Should not panic.

✔ Should use information received judiciously. 

✔ Use professional approaches while dealing with or handling clients or patients.

The picture taken during the visitation that consist of the nannm official and health workers of the Yar Gaya Epidemiology and Isolation Center Maunbia .A. Jibril, NANNM National Treasurer Ibrahim Maikarfi Muhammad, NANNM State Chairman (In light blue shirt and pull over)

Musa .I. Ahmadu, dgs 1 Secretary.  

Ahmad Hamza Sharada, pro.

Basher .A. Ado, akth Unit Chairman.

Staffs of Isolation Centre 

Nurse Saadu Adamu i/c Yar Gaya Epidemiology and Isolation Center.

Dr A Abdullahi Chief Medical Officer I/C Yar Gaya Epidemiology and Isolation Center.
Other staffs of isolation centre squatting.

The Lassa fever case count and death rate continue to rise in Nigeria this January. During the last week ending Jan. 19, the Nigeria cdc reported an additional 81 confirmed Lassa cases bringing the case tally for 2020 to 163 to date.

The Nigeria cdc also issued a Lassa fever healthcare worker advisory last week. Thus is to prevent person to person transmission of Lassa fever especially in healthcare settings.
Lassa fever is a major public health challenge in west Africa, with Nigeria bearing the highest burden. It is an acute viral haemorrhagic fever (vhf) caused by the virus is the Mastomys natalensis rodent (community known as the multimammate rat). Other rodents that carry the virus have also been identified. 

Lassa fever outbreaks occur every year. The number of people infected peaks between December and June. A large outbreak was reported by the Nigeria center for disease control that began early in 2018.  

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