December 10, 2019

Why Hide Your Light? A Personal Experience Shared By CEO Emmanuel Consulting Company

Emmanuel Ugochukwu CEO Emmanuel Consulting Company Shares his Personal Experience

Some time ago, I boarded a bus from Agbor to Abraka (Delta State) and as we embarked on the journey I got talking with the lady sitting beside me (I was at the front seat, it was I, the lady and the driver).

We discussed how bad things has been in the country and other areas of life and then I switched over to my motivational/inspirational talk which preaches the message of hope and things to do to better your life, business, career and even in your relationship.

I was focused on this lady not knowing there were others in the vehicle listening to what I was saying.

To cut the long story short, when I got to the junction I was to alight, I signaled the driver to stop the vehicle. As he stopped, he asked me to flash his phone. I was like "ok". All I thought was that he was looking for his phone. He gave me his contact and I flashed him, the phone rang and he said 'I will call you later'.

He said "You are the kind of person I want to associate with. I have been listening to all you have been saying. Before now I was depressed but your words has lifted  the burden in me and now I have the hope of having a better life"

I was shocked because I wasn't even talking to him and truly he called me that evening.

There is something you have within you that others need to hear to brighten up their day and life

It could be that article you have refused to write and post on your social media platform

It could be that song you have refused to sing

It could be that book you have refused to write

It could be words of encouragement

It could be that event you have refused to organize

Your gifts and talents were not meant for your personal consumption. It was meant for the world to benefit from and the name of God Glorified

Remember "YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD and not the light of your bedroom"


Written by: Uzochukwu Emmanuel
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