November 06, 2019

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Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. —Harriet Tubman.

Again and again and again and again, over the years many motivational speakers have come up in one way or the other to either inspire us or motivate us.

To let us know we can do better. From the likes of Napoleon Hill to others like Nelson Mandela and so many others. One after the other, they have let us know we can become a better version of ourselves. Versions of ourselves that we never thought existed.

It is easy to admire the  success of people who are at the top of the ladder but many of us fail to ask the most vital questions- Questions like what and how did they get there? What exactly did they do to get there? We look at the likes of

Bill gates and Steven Jobs even Jeff Bezos and all we see is their net worth but forget that those same people had a rough start.

I’m not a feminist but one of the women I admire most today is Oke Madekwesi, the CEO of Zaron Cosmetics.

An entrepreneur at such a young age, she has been a great inspiration to many young men and women over the years though many of us have no idea of the circumstances that birthed this young multi- millionaire.

On the 10th of December 2005, young Oke Madekwesi  was waiting for the love of her life to return to her arms when the news hit her.

The love of her life was involved in the tragic Sosoliso plane crash. Her whole world had just come crumbling before her in less than day. It dawned on her that fateful day that she was to carter for her pregnant self and a toddler all alone.

Widowed at the age of 30, She was distraught and in pain but even while friends and family gathered around to console, she never let herself to be pitied. She knew she needed more than her banking job to keep her body, soul and future alive.

So she quit her job at Zenith Bank where she had worked her way up to the position of the senior (Branch) Manager. To many it was a reckless and foolish decision but at that time she knew she needed more.

She decided to go for a second degree, a Masters in Business Administration from the university of Leeds. This was were her entrepreneurial flame sparked and as time went on it began burning brighter and brighter.

She started studying the life history of each and every great man and woman in the world today. Steve Jobs and Apple, Bill Gates and Microsoft and all their likes. And there was one factor she noticed amongst all of these great men was that they all started small.

 She noticed that every one of them did not despise their little beginnings and they all grew into multi-millionaires.

To this young motivated widow this was an eye opener to her. She started researching opportunities that could pave the way for her in her Nigeria. Research upon research led her to the idea – Cosmetics. At the time of her research there were very few make up brands from Nigeria which she barely new. All the make up products used were foreign products. She was excited. Yes she had found her Niche.

Cosmetics for the African woman. She wanted to give companies like L’OrĂ©al a run for their money. Gradually she began, after her MBA program she moved to Lagos and even sold her house in Port- Harcourt for capital. She worked tirelessly, focusing on the right things only.

She refused to just sit back and let her workers do all the job so even when they took the products to the street she joined in advertising. Moving from the street to the market and in this vain she learned things that helped her improve.

Today, Zaron manufactures and distributes cosmetics and hair products which has been tailored to the specific needs of African women. Zaron currently has 26 outlets in twelve cities in Nigeria and Ghana as well as distributors in three African countries, United Kingdom and USA.

The dream formed out of a widow's mite is the leading cosmetic brand in Nigeria today and Oke Maduewesi still believes the best is yet to come. Like a moth drawn to flame her goal to be successful keeps are on top of the ladder. 

These are some of the advise she gives to young people who have the mindset of living a life that is above average

Creating a business must be deliberate, a well defined act.

There are other capitals other than funds. One of them is goodwill, character and integrity.

It pays to invest in networking. Have at least a minimum work experience of two years before starting any business. It takes years to get skills, relationships and experience.

You are never too young to be a billionaire and you are still not to old to be a billionaire.

All it takes is determination and Focus. Don’t look at the circumstances surrounding you because the one of the first step to success is to start. START TODAY!!!
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