November 02, 2019

9 Health Benefits Of Morning Sex

Morning sex has become a thing that is practiced by few partners, most partners wakes up few minutes to when they are getting ready for work, some when they wake up they take coffee and they get ready to go out for the day.

Many  persons practice morning sex without knowing its health benefits, while only very know the benefits and practice it. While some know the benefits ad don’t practice it. 

In this article in will be sharing with us some of the benefits of morning sex.

1. Your body is ready in the morning.

Morning sex is good because it is found that your body’s level of hormone is high in the morning  and that makes having sex in the morning perfect. High level of oestrogen and testosterone in the morning helps make the libido high and makes you feel better.

2. It makes the man lasts longer

When the testosterone level is high it makes sex better, improves your partners libido and makes sexual function better. Experts have found out that high level of testosterone increases your partners erection strenght.

3. High level of oxytocin is increased is released.

Oxytocin can also be called the “cuddle” or “lovers”  hormone. It is released during intense level of intimacy. The oxytocin chemical controls love and bonding. So there is high level of oxytocin release in the morning which makes you feel better and more connected to your partner.

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4. It relieves stress

Study shows that having sex in the morning helps you to elevate and be in a good mood before even going to work. Sex in the morning is good because it helps to relieve stress and makes you good and ready.

5. Endorphins are released 

Do you know why you feel excited when you finish having sex ? there is usually high release of endorphins, which is a hormone that helps keep you in good mood and makes you feel good and happy.

6. It helps as a workout

Study finds out that having sex in the morning is almost equivalent to running or jogging a mile. Sex helps to burn about five calories per minute, according to research.

7. Makes the brain function better

Do you want your brain to work very fine and get boosted? Morning sex is the possible solution.  Experts says that morning sex helps release good quantity of dopamine which helps keep the brain in a good health and condition. 

8. It boosts your immune system

Good foods and supplements can help keep your immune system good and working fine. But sex in the morning is one way in which your immune system is boosted and it variably helps to fight against microbes and serve as a body’s natural defense method.

9. It helps you look good and younger

Recent research confirms that morning sex  helps release a good adequate number of sex  hormones such as Oxytocins, Endorphins, and even in some cases anti-inflammatory molecules. This hormones work hand to hand to perform one or two physiological functions which helps to increase and to keep your partner in a good mood and makes you more excited and it also keeps the body from various microbes.

Therefore Morning Sex helps you be in a good state and also helps you live longer. 

Remember Health Is Wealth 

Written by: Isikadi Precious RN. 

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