November 27, 2019

4 Tips On How To Have A Long Lasting Relationship

Everything was in mess for the young couple, Toke and James, they were at the edge of getting a divorce. Toke's friend advised that she should get a divorce and move on immediately. Toke was confused. Her pastor preached against divorce so it wasn’t an option for her but she couldn’t continue living her life like that. She has fallen out of love

He was distant. Whenever she talked to him it was like he wasn’t listening at all. James didn’t know what to do until he was forced to open up to a friend who introduced him to a website which happens to have a platform where tips on how to solve issues on relationships.

Week after week he got useful information from this website that helped him better his relationship with his wife. Thereafter he introduced her to the website and then she applied the information she got from there and in a couple of months their marriage was better than ever before.

In this article we will be talking about some useful tips on how to get a long lasting relationships.

1. Ladies be cautious

Why should a lady be cautious? Most ladies do not know the most important fact about men which is; men are more sensitive than ladies. There are some things you are never to say to your man because men feel loved when they are needed.

There is a common idea that most ladies have and that is where they think the man sshould'nt always offer to pay the bills whenever they both go on a date. That stuff ain’t cool. You want him to see that you are very strong and independent that is cool. But then you are also saying I don’t need you. I got all of this handled.

A real man wants to be able to pay all your bills and take care of you, If he can’t do that for you then he feels completely useless to you. You are strong and independent and he sees that. You don’t have to flaunt your money in his face.

Remember real men feel loved when they are needed and trusted.

2. Communication  and Understanding

Talk to each other about everything. Romance is important but talking is most important in a relationship. Talk about your problems, talk about your thoughts, talk about any and everything. Learn how to understand each other. He hates to see dirty plates in the kitchen and you know how it annoys him, then sweetie try as much as possible to keep dirty plates out of the kitchen.

If she hates to see soap lather in the bathroom then try your best to make sure you rinse it out before you leave, Be considerate towards one another.

3. Beware of Friends.

Nothing ends a good relationship faster than the advice of jealous friends. Does this mean I shouldn’t have friends? Does this mean I shouldn’t tell my friends about my relationship? You can have as many friends as you feel comfortable with but there should be a boyfriend between gossip and your relationship.

If you really want your relationship to last long , keep the details of your relationship to yourself. There is nothing like a good girl to girl gossip but your relationship should not be the subject of the gossip.

4. Be Prayerful

Nothing like a prayerful relationship. To make your relationship last longer add God. Pray together as a couple and your personal prayers pray about your relationship.
In conclusion, relationships are way easier than we make them look. When asked most people say that relationships are very stressful and tiring but it can be easier if we understand one another.

But please it should be noted that this tips are for only people in a healthy relationship. Stay away from toxic relationships.

If the relationship is toxic for you or if you are been abused emotionally or physically, please leave if it can't be settled.

Successful relationships are very possible.

Written by: Oke-Etume Zino and Reviewed by Isikadi Precious RN. Managing Editor
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