October 06, 2019

What should be done if my daughter’s puberty seems to be abnormally delayed?

If your daughter's puberty is abnormally delayed in such a manner where she has not had breast development, even breast budding, by the age of thirteen, or if her menstrual period has not started at the time she is fifteen, she may have a developmental problem. 

She probably needs to be examined by a physician. Since the variation in the onset of puberty is so great, however, your daughter’s apparently delayed puberty may be totally normal. 

Only 1 percent of all girls will not have started their periods by age eighteen or will not have had at least some breast budding by the age of thirteen. 

Any adolescent who lacks these signs of puberty probably has a medical problem and definitely needs to be evaluated by a physician. 

If your daughter puberty is delayed in this manner and your doctor continues to tell you that she is normal and does not need an examination, he or she is obviously not familiar with this type of problem. 

You should find another physician who can be more helpful-an endocrinologist or a gynecologist who is interested in adolescent gynecology.

Written By: Isikadi Precious 

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