October 18, 2019

Vaginal Douching: Is it Good?

All about vaginal douching

Is Vaginal douching good?

Vaginal Douching (cleaning the vagina by directing a Stream of water or a prepared solution into it) is quite common, and many women consider it to be necessary, although it's an unpleasant part of good hygiene.

Most experts do not recommend the practice however Douching is not necessary and can in fact, be quite harmful. 

What is douching

There is no reason for a Woman to douche unless a physician recommends it as part of treatment for infection.

Many women douche because they feel the vagina needs cleaning after their menstrual period or following intercourse, but that is not the case. 

The normal, healthy vagina is “self-Cleaning.” Neither semen nor blood leave it “dirty,” and external cleaning is all that is necessary for good hygiene and freshness.


Most times when a woman is examined after her period ends, it is rare to find any evidence of blood. and her vagina almost always looks clean and healthy.

The natural secretions of the vagina make some Women uncomfortable, and these women may douche to feel clean and dry. 

The moisture and discharge from the vagina most times is normal, however, and it serves an important function. It provides lubrication to keep the vaginal entrance from becoming raw and sore, thus preventing cracks and tears.

Until fairly recently, most doctors considered douching to be a harmless practice. Recent studies have shown that this is not always true.

Women Who douche have a greater risk of tubal pregnancies and women who have STD (sexually transmitted disease) and non sexual transmitted infections such as Bacterial vaginosis germs appear to be more likely to suffer Pelvic Inflammatory Disease if they douche.

Some general guidelines concerning Vaginal douching are:

I. Do not douche if you are pregnant.

2. DO not use douching as a contraceptive. Sperm are in the uterus within seconds of intercourse.

3. Do not douche before seeing a physician for a vaginal infection. You could temporarily wash away germs needed to identify the cause of the problems.

4. Do not douche if you think you have a vaginal infection or if there is a possibility that you may have STD germs. This could cause PID. See a doctor instead.

5. Do not use douche equipment more than once. Always use disposable bags and nozzles, even if you use water or diluted vinegar. (one or two tablespoons per quart of water).

what is douching

Finally, let me urge you to reconsider your practice of vaginal douching. as it is assured that a woman's vagina can be clean enough following the normal vaginal cleansing. and I am certain that within a few weeks you will not even notice the slight increase of moisture.

Remember Health Is Wealth 

Written by: Isikadi Precious RN.

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