October 12, 2019

What Can Cause My Vagina To Be Loose ?

Can a vagina be loose?  

Yes, a woman can have vaginal looseness. Physicians call this pelvic relaxation or, if a woman has had a hysterectomy before it could be called vaginal relaxation.

Pelvic relaxation has multiple causes. It is mostly common with with women who have had children, since childbirth stretches the vaginal tissues. 

Some women have had many children with no pelvic or vaginal relaxation, so childbirth is not always the cause.

Some women seem to have inherited weak tissues, while Some women may have vaginal relaxation because their tissues are weak from poor nutrition.

A good example of this are women who are involved with smoking. Such women have a greater chance of having vaginal relaxation. 

Women who are overweight have more problems with pelvic relaxation. An  excess weight can cause the vaginal tissues to push down.

An overweight woman  with vaginal relaxation can sometimes avoid surgery if she will lose weight. The loss of weight can release some of the pressure that tends to push the vaginal down and out.

Vaginal relaxation seems to worsen with age. As a woman’s vaginal tissues get thinner, they get weaker and tend to prolapse more.

Using estrogen after menopause can help keep those tissues from weakening. Exercise also seems to help keep the tissues healthier and Stronger, decreasing the chance of pelvic relaxation.

There are several symptoms of this problem. The uterus may lose its support and fall down far enough in the vagina so that the cervix will actually protrude.

In some situations the entire uterus will hang out of the vagina. At times the vaginal walls will bulge out of the vagina, causing a woman to actually sit on her prolapsed ‘vaginal tissues when she sits down.

When problems of this sort develop, it is best to have surgery. Women with this condition are almost always uncomfortable enough to ask for surgery. In fact, when uterine prolapse is this severe, if it is not corrected, much more major surgery may be necessary later, as it gets even more severe.

Physicians will often irresponsibly recommend a hysterectomy with vaginal repairs for women who feel perfectly fine.

The doctor recommends this merely because the patients uterus has dropped down some and her vagina appears loose on examination.

Surgery for looseness that is not bothering you is absolutely unnecessary. It does not matter how many children you have had now and how relaxed your vagina may appear to a physician nor that your uterus has fallen.

Sometimes surgery might not be needed to repair it except it gives you concern.

Written by: Isikadi Precious RN.

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