October 11, 2019

How can syphilis affect my pregnancy: Causes, diagnosis and treatment

If you have syphilis and do not get it treated the organism can infect the baby while you are pregnant .

About 30 percent of the babies who are infected with syphilis will die before the mother goes into labor, 70 percent of the babies who are born alive will have some signs of infection by the syphilis germ.

Infection that the baby picked up before birth (congenital syphilis) from its syphilitic mother can result in its being anemic, restless, and feverish. 

The baby can also have a stuffy nose, skin eruptions, and moist sores around the mouth, the anus, and the genitals. 

The liver, spleen, brain, nerves, eyes and teeth can all be affected quite severely.

How is syphilis treated during pregnancy ? 

penicillin is the best treatment for it. if you are allergic to penicillin, there are a number of other antibiotics that will kill the germ.

Because syphilis can hurt the baby, most states require a syphilis test early in pregnancy.

In some states a syphilis test is also required in late pregnancy. Whether or not it is required, it is probably best that all pregnant women have a syphilis test done in both early and late pregnancy. 

lf there is any possibility that you could be infected with syphilis, tell your doctor so he or she can test you.

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If you become infected, your symptoms may be minimal.

The initial infection may occur inside your vagina where you cannot see or feel it. This initial infection called a chancre, heals after two to six weeks.

Six or eight weeks later you might have a mild skin rash. When that clears up, you may have absolutely no sign or symptom that you have been infected with syphilis.

The only way to know  is through a blood test, at all stages of the disease.

However, the baby you are carrying can be severely affected.

For this reason, if you have had sexual intercourse with someone who might have syphilis, you may want to be treated even before your blood test has time to turn positive.

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