October 13, 2019

BREAKING!!! See The First Official sell out Nursing Webinar By Any Nursing Group in Nigeria.

With only 10  days of registration, the HIC(Health Information corner) webinar has become the first-ever paid, sold-out webinar for nurses in Nigeria.

This development is highly encouraging and speaks volume about the willingness of nurses to invest in their personal and professional development which is now a  must for every 21st-century nurses. Moreso, the occupancy of the class shows a reflection of sufficient realization of the gasping healthcare system that demand knowledge stability of it's engines, even when they have to sponsor selves.

With 2020 declared as the official year of nurses by the world health organizations, it is imperative that nurses are ready to handle global leadership positions through an expression of professionalism and competence in handling theses global roles.

The 21st-century nursing summit seeks to engage nurses with thought-provoking, mindset challenging, and breakout sessions into the global nursing terrain. The summit is set to kick off on Monday 14th of October 2019 with the theme:

 Investing in academic, personal and professional development, is an event put together to expose nurses to the current trends in the profession, and needing areas of the health sector.

Again, We assure the participants of this webinar that this programme will lead to a massive disruption of old models and usher in a wave of modernization to nursing in Nigeria.

We at HIC specially say a big thank you to everybody who stood with this movement to rejuvenate Healthcare by equiping the face of it with necessary tools to thrive in the 21st century.

Health Information Corner.

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