October 06, 2019

5 Causes Of Delayed Puberty In girls

Medically reviewed by Karen Gill, MD, Specialty in pediatrics, — Written by Isikadi Precious 

The basic problem in this situation is that the girl‘s ovaries may  not be producing the estrogen necessary for the development of breasts and the initiation of menstrual periods. 

The lack of estrogen may be due to defective ovaries or to some other abnormal body function.

👉 Hormone “time clock” set late: In this case the girl is normal in every way except that her hormonal functioning has not started as early as that of most of her friends. 

If all her tests are normal, including a pelvic examination, she can be assured that she is normal. She will begin puberty and periods later on. and she will be as capable of having children as any other normal woman. 

👉 Abnormal ovaries: lf a girl's ovaries are so abnormal that they cannot produce estrogen, she will not develop puberty. 

The most common cause of this is a condition called Tumer’s syndrome, in which the girl has abnormal chromosomes. 

There are other, less common reasons for abnormal ovarian function. She may have no ovaries, for example. Most of these problems would not only keep a girl from experiencing puberty but would also prevent her from being able to become pregnant. 

An ovarian problem that is not so severe but can prevent the onset of menstruation is polycystic ovarian syndrome.

👉 Ovarian failure (premature menopause) can prevent the onset of periods:  Patients with premature ovarian failure will usually, but not always, have a few periods before they cease all menstruation. 

👉 Disease or health problem not located in the sex organs: Nutrition problems and disease in the rest of the body can affect the physiology so traumatically that the female organs are affected and will not begin functioning properly. 

An example of this is the poor nutrition produced by anorexia nervosa or by some intestinal diseases that prevent absorption of nutrients from the intestinal tract. 

In this situation a girl will probably not develop the onset of menses until these problems have been eliminated. 

And also Diseases of the brain and of the base of the brain (hypothalamus) or of the pituitary gland can prevent the production of hormones necessary for initiating puberty, as can thyroid and adrenal disease. 

👉 Congenital abnormalities: Female babies can be born normal in every way except without a vagina or uterus, or with a uterus that has no opening, or with some other similar problem.

These girls will develop normal secondary sexual characteristics (breast development, pubic hair, hair under the arms) but will not start menstrual bleeding.

These are some of the various causes of delayed puberty in girls 

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