September 24, 2019

The Greatest Enemy Of Progress

Dear business owner, speaker, goal getter, dream chasers. Do you remember the last time you hit that BIG target and won that Prestigious AWARD?

Do you remember how you threw that party and Everyone was like 'WOW' congratulations on your achievement?


After that what happened?

Is over a year now and the noise of celebration has not been heard.


Most people stop pushing because of their last achievement (Success). They stop persevering, being passionate and feel more relaxed than they used to be. The burning desire is no where to be found.

The greatest enemy of progress is your LAST SUCCESS (ACHIEVEMENT).

The problem is, we are busy celebrating our past success and forgetting about the present and the future.

NO Great man lives in the past (you can ask your mentor), even apostle Paul knew that the greatest thing that will prevent him from doing greater exploits was if he lived his life celebrating his past victories and he said and I  quote "I press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling". He had in mind of a higher calling. He was hungry for something more, he knew there are more impact to be made, more awards to be won and he can even gain international recognition.

Practice as most people will always say makes perfect.

This is a wrong mindset that makes people feel they have achieved enough and not daring to do more

Practice makes room for IMPROVEMENT. 

Your good can be better. Your better can be best and you can better your best.

With this mindset you can always aspire for more. This is what I preach on a daily basis because there is always room to make more impact in life and succeed in everything you do.

Great men are celebrated at regular intervals. They are interested in the achievement of the present and future. They feel is yet another opportunity to make a difference in the world.

You too can be like that


👉 Do not dwell on your last success

👉 Thank God you made it happen, Keep it aside and say to     yourself "I can do better".

👉 Be hungry for more because there is a Higher Calling

👉 Be ready to pay the price

👉 Focus on the present and the future

👉 Never settle for less because there is no limit to what you.  can achieve in life.

Keep winning my friends.

Written by: Prince Emmanuel 

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