September 15, 2019

7 pillars of academic excellence


7 Pillars of Academic Excellence is a short article written to help students, career persons, professionals etc learn and live on some principles which is believed to help them in achieving their goal. 

A lot of questions have been asked by students on what are the possible ways in which I can succeed in academics, in career and in other areas of life. 

The writer of this article has shared some principles he called 7 pillars of academic excellence, which he believes can help you find some answers to your questions. 

This principles are also backed up with biblical scriptures to help us understand it better.

Relax and read as we travel through these principles…

👉 Sell all that you have and buy the pearl: (mattew 13:44-46):-To Excel Academically there is a price you must pay, you have to sell your desires, pleasures, comfort e.t.c and buy only one thing i.e Academic excellence.

👉 Whet the edge of the iron.(Ecclesiastes 10:9-10, psalm 127:1-2): success is not a destination but an Adventure. If the iron be blunt then much strength will be put have to service your studies with prayer and engage in the ministry of the holy spirit..because in every man 👨 promise land there are giants.

👉 So Run that you may obtain: (1 corit 9:24) :-Only runner 🏃 with the mentality of winning that obtains the prize.

👉 Crave for the Spirit Dimension (Godliness is profitable unto all things): Covet earnestly the best gift 🎁 He will go forth in the spirit and power of Elijah. Ask God to put the Excellent Spirit which was at work in Daniel into you (Daniel 5:12)

👉 Seek Him early to find Him: The pastor of the largest church Dr. David Yonggi Cho said "I begin to prepare for my Sundays meeting From Tuesday" 

Early preparation guarantee's Quality Result. So when you start preparing for exams earlier you stand a better chance of getting good result.

👉 Till your land, So you can be satisfied with bread: Study extensively,go for facts increase your study habit.

👉 Know that it is the will that creates the way: Be determined to Excel. There was a story of a pregnant woman, who being chased by a mad 😠 dog, Jumped over a seven feet wall! The will to live infused a strange strength into her, it is  the will to succeed that drives you to go in search of the things that causes one to succeed and to apply them All.

Written By: Isikadi Precious 

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