August 22, 2019

Welcome To Isikadi Precious' Blog : See What We Will Be Doing

ISIKADI PRECIOUS, Founder and President of Isikadi Precious' Blog (IPB). A global premier online information portal created in 2019 by a Nigerian nurse.

It was formed out of the passion to impact the lives of people through Health Education and teaching, provide concise and latest health updates, Entertainment news, job updates, school admission alerts etc.

Isikadi Precious Blog (IPB) will also stimulate and inspire/motivate  its subscribers by sharing stories and latest information of successful people and also promoting wisdom through teachings and in collaboration with other agencies in achieving it's goal.

The founder being a Nurse has also established a platform which will provide teachings and information on lecture topics that will help student Nurses in reaching the peak of their career and will also promote, in co-operation with other specialised and professional bodies in achieving it's objective.
We also provide original, timely and authoritative ideas and information to the public.

The platform has established itself as a market leader for global online information to the the world at large. The contents of these blog is targeted towards an educated audience with a global goal of sharing information and experiences.

Isikadi Precious Blog (IPB) is within the top 10 popular website world wide with more than 10 thousand monthly views. 

The Editorial team of IPB Provides information from Evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies, along with accurate unbiased information from governmental organizations, medical societies, professional associations among others.

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Founder/CEO Isikadi Precious Media Inc. Africa's leading Media Tech company with digital media Superbrand focused on Health, Nursing Updates, News, Entertainment, and Inspiration.