March 29, 2020

NANNM presentation of COVID 19 prevention items to nurses

Date 27th March , 2020

At Nurses House Kano

Great Professional Colleagues, It is time to come together and serve humanity. Nurses are known for nobility, resilience and sacrifices. We must come out to do what we are known for and face the challenging period of COVID -19 global outbreak.

Nightingale’s Nursing theory described that, “there is a strong relationship of a man with his environment, health and Nurse...” Therefore, the nurse should demonstrate that relationship to the person by using one of the core values of Nursing which is Caring.

Caring entails promotion of health and providing services to prevent occurrence of a disease in a person.  Now, part of the preventive measures involves the safety of oneself (the nurse) that safety will translate into the safety of all people whether ill or healthy.

It's in view of that, I called on nurses to be safe because If the healthcare provider is ill then who will take care of the sick. Incidentally, all of us will fall sick.

In that spirit, I find strength in my heart to help the nurses to remain safe by donating soap/sanitizers to them.

F. Nightingale is the pioneer of hand washing, she wrote in her book Nurses Notes (1860), “every nurses ought to be careful to wash her hands frequently during the day"
And in the situation of COVID19 outbreak, the greatest avenue of environmental safety is hand washing. If we remain safe, the health system will be strong and the nation will remain healthy.

It’s not time for shifting blames and unnecessary bickering "safety first". So donating these items must surely be viewed as part of motivation, be interpreted by nurses and government as key role role to encourage the nurses to also try and protect themselves by their own effort while the authority must understand that its primary responsibility to provide the desired protective and preventive equipments to all healthcare workers.

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Finally, in our core plan of activities in addition to calling on donor agencies, philanthropists and businessmen to complement government’s efforts towards curbing this menace in whatever capacity they could,  everyone also need to note the nature of the spread of this disease and disregard the fatality numbers with a view that one can’t guarantee his own safety and could be counted among the few fatal cases.

The Association is ready to partner with Govt and NGOs as well as any organ or body to achieve success in the control of this global emergency.

And also to conduct trainings, suffice to say sensitization of all cadre of Nurses including retired Nurses, SEC members and interns for prompt action in preparation/readiness for the unexpected in this outbreak of COVID-19

So help us God and protect all the citizens of kano state and Nigeria!!

Com Ibrahim Maikarfi Muhd
NANNM Kano state

February 13, 2020

Fire outbreak in Delta State University, Abraka (Photos)

Fire outbreak in Delta State University, Abraka

The students of the great institution is filled with worries as the executive hostel, one of the biggest hostel in the school that houses lots of student, catches fire.

After 10minutes of this fire outbreak, Delsu fire services intervenes and efforts are being made to put off the fire.

February 07, 2020

WORLD CANCER DAY Theme: “I Am and I Will”

There are lots of diseases in the world which people are suffering from. Diseases like Hepatitis, Diabetes, Renal failure, Cancer and many other diseases. One of the biggest disease in the world that causes suffering to people who have the it, is the cancer disease.

According to World Health Organization (2017), 17 people die every minute from cancer in the world. Also, according to American Cancer Society (2018), an estimated 9.5 million people - about 26000 cancer deaths a day and that number is predicted to grow.

The world cancer day is celebrated every year on the 4th February in the world. And for this year 2020, it was celebrated on Tuesday (Yesterday).

Different Organizations and people around the globe will thronged out to create awareness about the Disease, how to prevent its occurrence and how to address it when it occurs. World Cancer Day was founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration, written in 2008. The primary goal of World Cancer Day is to significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer and is an opportunity to rally the international community to end the injustice of preventable suffering from cancer.

A tradition of ascribing a theme is always done whenever the world cancer day is to be celebrated. The theme for this year, 2020, is “I Am and I Will”. By looking at the in-depth meaning of the theme, it explore the personal will or commitment of me, you, they and us to help reduce the global burden of the disease called cancer.


These eight healthy behavior can go a long way toward improving your health and lowering your risk of many cancers.

1. Maintain a healthy weight

I. Integrate physical activity and movement into your life
II. Eat diet rich in fruits, veggies and whole grains
III. Encourage activity during free time.
IV. Choose smaller portions and eat more slowly

2. Exercise regularly

I. Choose activities you enjoy. Many things count as exercise, including walking,
gardening and dancing.
II. Make exercise a habit by setting aside the same time for it each day.
III. Stay motivated by exercising with someone

3. Don’t smoke

I. Keep trying. It takes six or seven tries before you quit for good
II. Talk to a health-care provider.
III. Join a quit-smoking program.

4. Eat a healthy diet

5. Drink alcohol only in moderation, if at all.

6. Protect yourself from the sun

I. Stay clear of direct sunlight between 10a.m. And 4p.m. (peak burning hours). It is the best way to protect yourself.

7. Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections.

8. Get screening tests.


1. Visiting someone who has cancer
2. Giving gifts
3. Talking to someone with cancer
4. Helping in practical ways like driving your friend to and from medical appointments etc.
5. Helping a co-worker with cancer.
6. Pray for them
7. Help fundraise
8. Advocacy

We can make a difference, whether we are not afflicted with the cancer, or we are a cancer survivor or care for someone with cancer, we have the valuable experience or knowledge as nurses to help others. Becoming a volunteer makes a difference in a person’s life. It also positively affects your own life.

Compiled by:
A Registered Nurse
[email protected]

January 24, 2020


The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (nannm) Kano State chapter and the organ body of the nannm, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Branch, paid a visit to the peri-op nurse who was infected while performing his duty as part of the team that conducted an operation on a Lassa infected patient few weeks back at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital.

The peri-op nurse whose name is Nurse Auwal Halilu, is presently in the isolation centre in Yar Gaya, Kano state.

During the visit to the isolation centre on the 20th of January 2020 (Wednesday), the NANNM CHAIRMAN, Nurse Ibrahim Maikarfi Muhammad, urged Nurses to be on the alert and not panic over the break out. The Chairman is a participant and also a stakeholder on EPR on Lassa fever National outbreak in Kano State and also a member of the Isolation Centre, Kano State. 

He made the following comments during the visitation to the isolation centre after he has received the details of the situation report: 

✔ The two samples sent to cdc for Lassa fever screening were confirmed positive

✔ The two surviving primary contacts (Nurse Auwal and Dr. Usman) are in isolation and receiving optimum care and their health status is increasingly improving.

✔ Mapping is being carried out and field teams (NFELTP graduates and consultants) are engaged and inaugurated to:

✔ Mobilize for the conduct of contacts tracing of the identified persons who had contact with the clients. 

✔ Sensitisation of healthcare workers and mobilization processes for the general public. 

✔ Ribavirin both parenteral and oral are supplied and available at treatment and prevention centers in both Yar Gaya and akth Kano State. 

✔ Intensify the processs of procuring more ppe materials by government for safety of our health workers.

For the nurses attention

✔ Should not panic.

✔ Should use information received judiciously. 

✔ Use professional approaches while dealing with or handling clients or patients.

The picture taken during the visitation that consist of the nannm official and health workers of the Yar Gaya Epidemiology and Isolation Center Maunbia .A. Jibril, NANNM National Treasurer Ibrahim Maikarfi Muhammad, NANNM State Chairman (In light blue shirt and pull over)

Musa .I. Ahmadu, dgs 1 Secretary.  

Ahmad Hamza Sharada, pro.

Basher .A. Ado, akth Unit Chairman.

Staffs of Isolation Centre 

Nurse Saadu Adamu i/c Yar Gaya Epidemiology and Isolation Center.

Dr A Abdullahi Chief Medical Officer I/C Yar Gaya Epidemiology and Isolation Center.
Other staffs of isolation centre squatting.

The Lassa fever case count and death rate continue to rise in Nigeria this January. During the last week ending Jan. 19, the Nigeria cdc reported an additional 81 confirmed Lassa cases bringing the case tally for 2020 to 163 to date.

The Nigeria cdc also issued a Lassa fever healthcare worker advisory last week. Thus is to prevent person to person transmission of Lassa fever especially in healthcare settings.
Lassa fever is a major public health challenge in west Africa, with Nigeria bearing the highest burden. It is an acute viral haemorrhagic fever (vhf) caused by the virus is the Mastomys natalensis rodent (community known as the multimammate rat). Other rodents that carry the virus have also been identified. 

Lassa fever outbreaks occur every year. The number of people infected peaks between December and June. A large outbreak was reported by the Nigeria center for disease control that began early in 2018.  

A Registered Nurse

January 18, 2020

The Power Plan for Career Success: Recognizing and Taking Moves to Secure Your Career.

In this webinar you will Learn how to communicate your purpose, highlight strengths, and make a strong first impression with employers during employment fairs and networking events.

```A 2 Day Career Development Webinar```

THEME: The Power Plan for Career SuccessRecognizing and Taking Moves to Secure Your Career


The Convener emphasized on the importance of attending this webinar by sharing his experience

It took me a few years of searching to realize that my strengths included being persistent, detail oriented, tenacious, passionate reader, trustworthy, noting new topics, a good communicator, who could effectively meet and connect with new people across and help them. When I learned that combination of these skills makes a good writer and speaker, I pursued a writing-related path and started organizing webinars such as this particular webinar

In this webinar some vital strategies which will help you maximize your career success will be shared so please don't miss it for any reason.

PRESENTATION OUTLINE  Keynote Speaker - Dr. Wisdom Esegbue

1. How do I discover what interests me?

2. What is my skill? Recognizing what you’re good at is key to finding the right career fit

3. Is networking important in career development? If its important how do I connect with people?

4. Is personal branding important in securing my career? If yes! What considerations and tips should I follow?

5. How can I turn social media to my advantage when seeking for employment? How do I market my skill in social media to suite my job search?

The Convener Isikadi Precious also made it known that the Keynote speaker will be discussing topics which has been an issue in the area of career development.

PRESENTATION OUTLINE Co-keynote Speaker - Gloria Okonye UKamaka

1. Jobs and career of the future – What jobs and career will exist in 5, 10, 20 years that people neglect now?

2. How you can turn a hobby into a career? – Students and non-students may wish to pursue a hobby such as photography or Writing as a careers. What considerations might they need to have when doing this?

3. What’s the difference between a job and a career? A discussion about career paths. Not
just about being employed or pursuing a particular career but also it's progression.

4. Is a job just to pay the bills and a career something you’re interested in? Or Is it really all about cash? What makes a job desirable? And a career worthy?

5. Is skill important in getting a job? Is skill important in career development? What skills & qualities do employers want when they employ a person straight out of school/college/university?

Important Updates: 
Venue: Closed whatsapp group

Registration: Free 🤩

Inquiries: Contact 09032140743, 08025694643

Date: 24-25th January 2020

Time: 7pm

January 06, 2020

The Image of a Nurse as Perceived by the Society: A Call of Reformation for Professional Building- By Isikadi Precious

nurses image among the society

It is indeed a sad thing that nursing which is one of the oldest profession and since inception a noble profession have become a profession to be made mockery of, it is despondent to know that a nurse, who as a professional in the healthcare system was envied by her counterpart have in no doubt become a laughing tool not only in the eyes of other healthcare professionals but also in the sight of the society. This is because nurses have failed to carry themselves with integrity and maintain the status quo of which the profession was built and to work and maintain the nurse code of conducts that guides the behavior of the nurse and the practice of nursing.

Devaluation of nurses by demeaning or comical images only extends nursing shortages and further discourages young and talented people from entering the nursing profession.

The focus of this article is “reduced nursing policy development” inclusive of “nurse negative behavior” as an underlying explanation for poor image perception of nurses by the society and with few suggestions of possible solutions in which the image of nursing can become congruent with the actual role, the nurse play in our today society.

The image of a nurse in our today society is likened to a cloth that was washed neatly, then hung to dry, and after some period of time falls down into a pit of dirty water on the ground. The nursing profession has been a respected profession highly esteemed by the society in the early days and the image and standards of nursing was carried with dignity. It is high time we come to our senses as nurses and ask ourselves both moral and professional questions, the time has drawn near for we nurses to become an agent of change in the society, we should ask ourselves questions like; is this the kind of respect I will like to have in the society?, is this the kind of impart I will like to make in the society?

The negative images of nurses such in the 2018 film “Corrupt Nurses” that was depicted in the Nollywood are still in prevalence. But such erroneous portrayals of nurses in the name of entertainment show negative depictions of nurses. And nurses ought to educate the society about who a nurse is to prevent professional devalue, but nurses have failed in doing so.

The nursing profession was highly respected by the society in the early days of the profession and the image and standards of nursing was carried with dignity by our founding mother Florence Nightingale popularly known as the lady with the lamp for the undeniable role played in the treatment of wounded soldiers during the Crimea war. Florence Nightingale started and pioneered modern nursing and today the international nurses day is celebrated in honor of her birth and the nightingale pledge which is taken by fresh nurse graduates as a pledge to uphold the integrity of the profession and not forgetting the nightingale medal award which is the highest award given to individuals who have contributed immensely to the growth of the nursing profession. All these happened because Florence Nightingale held tight the good name of the profession and thus was respected and because of this the society viewed nursing as a great and noble profession. 

What are you going to be remembered for? Will other professionals because of your behavior value, respect and honor the nursing profession? Will the society talk good about the image of the profession because of your professional standards? Or will the society know you as that nurse that wears a dirty uniform? Or because of your bad behavior and poor nurse-patient interaction will the image of the profession be belittled? Or will the people that live around you know you as that nurse that wears a short and tight uniform? Because this has become something that have lived in the minds of individuals, and the society have carried it long ago because this is what the social media tells them, this is what the movie industry shows them, Hollywood, Nollywood and other digital platform have made the society to see nurses as an undisciplined profession, all in the name of entertainment. Or do we think this is not leaving an impression in the mind of the society? It is high time we correct the impression about nurses and take nursing to greater heights; it is high time we do a check on our behavior, our attitudes, and our professional norms. It is time we pick up the NMC code of conducts, the ICN nurses code of conducts and look at it to help put us in remembrance of our professional culture, how we ought to act among our patients and colleagues.

How can the society understand the role of the nurse? How can nurses increase and promote their professional image? It is no longer a new thing that the society questions the role of nurses in the clinical setting, the nurse is perceived by the society as healthcare personnel who only administer injection, and it is also seen as physician servants. These have in one way or the other devalued the professional image of nurses.

The America Nurses Association (ANA) has displayed the professional role of a nurse in the statement “Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

How then can nurses increase their self worth and make the society to hold them in high esteem? 

These are some of the suggested ways to increase the professional image of nurses amongst society; (2) are mentioned bellow, they are as follows 

Patient interactions: like the popular adage ”That first impression lasts long” it is required of a nurse that the first minute that a patient meets you, you should be ready to display professional maturity, respect, listen and if need be encourage the patient. Don’t rush the patient allow the patient to trust and confide in you, and show confidence in him or her.

Professional interaction with the public: it is the responsibility of the nurse to always pass the right information about nursing to the public, the nurse should always be ready any time he or she is asked about what nursing is all about, to educate them about who a nurse is, the education needed to be a nurse and the role of the nurse in the society. We should all remember that the change starts with us and we should always be ready and always respond professionally anytime anywhere it is required of us.

These highlighted steps will play a significant role in the nursing profession in creating and propagating a future image. Therefore every nurse should continue to display professional role-modeling and provide public enlightenment on what the role of the nurse is to empower the professional image of nursing.

January 01, 2020

You cant do anything, we will unhesitatingly confront & strike you - Iran's Supreme leader responds to Trump's war threats

Donald Trump treat to Iran

Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has responded to US President Donald Trump's Tuesday threats to attack Iran if there are any damages to US lives and properties after protesters stormed the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, destroying parts of the building and setting fire on parts of the walls
Donald Trump treat to Iran

Dozens of Iraqi protesters stormed the US embassy compound in Baghdad, Iraq on Tuesday and smashed the main door, setting fire to the reception area after US Military launched attacks on Iran backed Kataib Hezbollah, killing 25 suspected terrorists as retaliation for last week's killing of an American contractor in a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base .

The protests continued till Wednesday but later reduced after Iraqi military and US Marines boosted security around the US Embassy.

Trump, after ordering deployment of over 700 US Marines to Baghdad, in a series of Tweets said he holds Iran responsible for any loss of American properties or lives and that the US will retaliate.

But Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who called for a press conference on Wednesday, referred to Trump as 'that guy' and tweeted that the US "can't do anything."

"If you were logical -- which you're not -- you'd see that your crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan... have made nations hate you," Khamenei tweeted.

Donald Trump treat to Iran

Donald Trump treat to Iran

Donald Trump treat to Iran

According to Khamenei, Iran - which has one of the best land & proxy forces in the world, doesn't want war, but wouldn't hesitate to fight if it has to defend it's rights and interests.
US and Iran have been on a dangerous path since the 2015 Idea nuclear deal was botched by Trump in 2018, citing Iran's growing influence in the Middle East and Iran's control over anti-Israel 'terrorist' groups.

A spokesman for Kataib Hezbollah, the alleged Iran sponsored terror group, that US targeted in the attacks that killed 25 alleged terrorist, told CNN that the embassy protests on Tuesday and Wednesday were a "first step." "The American administration should understand the following: the first step was to protest near the American embassy, we are waiting their reactions to determine the second step," Mohamad Mouhiye said, calling for the US to shut down the embassy and withdraw from Iraq.

"First, close the doors of the evil embassy, which we consider a spy building and an operations room to administer and sabotage Iraq's well-being," Mouhiye said. "We also call on the US to withdraw their military forces which are in Iraq illegally."

December 21, 2019

Nursing Practice Injustice in Nigeria: A Call for Systematic Evaluation- By Isikadi Precious

Nigeria nursing challenges

The quality of the nursing profession has been stepped upon, the values of nursing has been put into questioning, I won’t forget those day’s when we were applying to study nursing science, the joy was indeed enormous, when we got admitted into the university to study nursing, friends could ask you what course are you studying? You would say it without hesitation, nursing science; Relations would ask you what course are you studying? You would say it proudly, I am studying nursing science, these are all because of the prestige, the values, the reputation, and respect that is attached to anyone that is either going to study nursing or who is already a nurse.

The society carry nurses with high esteem, parents also gives respect and value their children who is a nurse or in the university studying nursing,  your friends also will respect and carry you differently because it is believed that nurses has a strong code of conducts and are of  a good behavior.

But what now has been the future of this great and noble profession called nursing? In Nigeria; We now see cases where patient relatives physically abuse nurses, The society no longer value nurses that spent so many years in school just to be educated, licensed and to serve them with humility, Doctors now physically abuse nurses and even student nurses who they ought to work together with as team to ensure the full recovery of patients, Just as it happened recently at Delta State University Teaching Hospital  where a Doctor physically pushed a student nurse out of the ward and slammed the door against his leg leading to bruises and pain and deprived the nurse of his clinical posting, the said student nurse has not been the only victim of this abuse but this doctor following her derogatory behavior has also abused some other nurses.

Is this the foundation that was established by the founding mothers and fathers of nursing?

Let us then ask ourselves these questions, Is this what we want as nurses? Is this what we get after spending 4-5 years of training just to serve humanity? We ought to be source of hopes to ailing ones and also the foundation for building a healthy world.

Let’s not forget that we are built on integrity and discipline, an integrity that ought to transcends to all generations. How then do we bring back our integrity and make the society see our values? It is high time we carry out community education to make the society see our values, to enlighten them about who we are and also for them to hold us as an answer to their health questions.

It is high time we use informational picketing to reach out to authorities and make them to see the challenges nurses are going through and dialogue with them on the way forward.

It is no longer a new thing in Nigeria where we see individuals being trained and employed (auxiliary nurses) by doctors just to let them render cheap services, thereby tarnishing the image of our noble and great profession nursing.

Let us all come together and educate the public that there are people who are specially ordained for the profession, people that undergo training in a period of years in a recognized institution and then registered and licensed, and not just any individual who is trained for I week by a doctor or another unrecognized individual.

Let us also not fold our hands and watch these people tarnish the image of our profession.

Migrating to other countries is not the best solution to our problem, let us not forget that if these countries in which we migrate to where not wise enough to build their profession to a high standard and make it nice, wonderful and respected among other professions, then we can’t run there to practice.

So let everyone fully licensed and recognized as a nurse be a gatekeeper and do as expected of him or her professionally, coming together with one mind, with one spirit and with one goal to lift and to take nursing to higher places.